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Sunflower Share

Sunflower Share


"All this is for your benefit. so that the grace that is reaching more and more people, may cause Thanksgiving to overflow to the Glory of God." {2 Corinthians 4:15}

Friends, I absolutely Love this time of year!! School, Football and the changing of seasons. Fall is creeping in! The palette of colors is catchy on the eye and the harvest season sends warmth and joy to my soul. I am a red-head, so naturally, the hues of orange and green and brown are highly attractive. Even the gorgeous color of the Alabama soil gets me gitty.

But what really gets me excited this time of year, is the slowing of pace. Summer is bananas up here at the store. It is high produce season and my kids and husband are all over the map. We work sun-up to sun-down, literally, which leaves zero time for reflection and soul searching. So when my kiddos head back to school, and the store catches a break...I breathe a sweet sigh of relief. Now I can catch up on my soul. Now I can stop, and reflect and seek his direction.

This time of year, my mind starts wandering and racing to fill in space for God. His space is most important to me. His space can be filled by nothing else, and I long to have Him close. We all have our own ways of feeling close to God. A quiet cup of coffee, dwelling deep into his word and fellowship with friends. But Me, when I feel that tightness and twining with Him, is when I serve his people. My heart wants to leap away, and my soul becomes soft. I become His child, vulnerable, hand in hand. And He's allowed in, to do His marvelous works. I am no longer Me but We! 

We become one, not two. My words and hands become His. My thoughts are cleared of the mundane and "busy". He fills my mind with direction and work.  We seek the lowly and hurt together. And sometimes those celebrating too. We make phone calls for visits. We text friends to see if they are ok. We pray deeply for those we don't know and even deeper for those that are close to my heart. For what is close to me, is also close to him. We are on a mission. To bring hope and joy and a little peace to someone that needs it. 

It is in these precious moments, that I'm able to really see the hurt around me. And not just See, but Act! For he doesn't just give us eyes, He gives us hands, to work and do. To make a change. To be different. To give, openly. To serve. We so often see, but too often turn away. I am guilty here too. But I have learned, the more I see and do, the more I'm filled by Him. 

The doing is the hard part. We embrace our "busy". It's our new American normal. As if that's just how it is. No time for extra. We keep moving in our worldly world, but what are we gaining? We southern women are very good at smiling and gracefully doing All things. (Which is one huge reason why I love us!) But too often, we choose not to stop and help the hurt. The hard part about hurt, is this...when we see it, face to face, it hurts us too. And who chooses that? Who joyfully wants to feel another's pain? Do we really want to intentionally bring our selves to tears? The answer is Yes! Yes, we do.

It is here, that Jesus is also. It is here, that we bare another's burden. It is here that miracles happen and we can help heal a heart and soften a soul. It is here that we are showing the greatest amount of Love to another human. Tears are cleansing and tears teach. Tears see life in another's eyes. Tears bring newness and wholeness. We are most vulnerable here but we are also the most filled. Filled with Love and Jesus and Hope and Life. 

When we become the most giving, He becomes the most filling. When we stop in our day, to see and help the hurt, Jesus will be there every time. And it is contagious. When we give, if just one, we have started a ripple that goes on and on and on. What if we give to 2 or 5 or 10?!? What if we did this often? What if we learned to get out of our ordinary and did something extraordinary? We can friends...and I have a way!!


Spend some time with just You and God! Be quiet, be still and listen. He will open your heart and reveal things to you that are precious and unique. Ask him where to lead you. Ask him to take you to the weak and the hurt. Stay here and enjoy it with Him. This is your time. Just you and Him! AND I have an easy route for you too! Come pick dozens of these glorious, God given flowers and share them. Take them as a gift. As a sign of love and beauty. As a sign of life and newness. You cannot help but feel happy and loved with these beauties.

But it is YOU that will be the delight of their heart. You are the missionary. The deliverer. The gift giver. The pain taker. The Joy! The one that walks hand in hand with the Father to love his people. You friends, are the greatest gift you can give to anyone. Your heart will be filled. It will be overflowing and pouring out into this world. Our world needs Us. All of us!

These flowers will be around for another 2 weeks. Then they will dry up, become withered and will be no more. Take this opportunity now. Time is fleeting. If not now, when?? Share with your children the idea if love and giving and doing something Just for Jesus. It is a Beautiful thing. We are the light of the World!

"Give and it will be given unto you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." {Luke 6:38}

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